At American Labor Group, we are committed to delivering the highest quality of professional service at reasonable costs. When it comes to union avoidance, we believe in a hands-on, 24/7 approach, as each day is an opportunity to develop a trusting relationship or heal a broken one. Every labor dispute has its own unique issues, and we work closely with every client to develop a unique and effective action plan that will directly target their specific needs. Our services include:

Union Avoidance

Our Union avoidance classes are very different from other companies. With our first-hand approach, rather than sending videos and information to your facility, we send our experts right to your door—not videos or pamphlets. There is no better way to get in touch with your employees than to personally find out what they are thinking. Your management team cannot provide this to employees because, most of the time, it is someone on the management team who caused the union activity. Union avoidance training includes the following:

  • Labor Law Education for Employees
  • Supervisor & Management Training
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • Management Team Audits
  • Supervising for Success
  • Positive Employee Relations



Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Employee Satisfaction Surveys are an employer’s first line of defense against union organizing, which we handle very differently than other companies. Our surveys are done in a small setting with employees from different departments. This provides security for the employees and protects their anonymity. Company generated surveys are often ineffective as employees do not feel a sense of privacy, so they tend to answer questions untruthfully. Moreover, if an employee has an issue with his/her manager, they are really unlikely to be truthful. ALG uses the system of key words to find the ‘hotspots’ in your organization. We then provide the executive team with a comprehensive report of our findings, which includes professional recommendations and an Action Plan.

Union Organizing Drives

Campaigns are stressful times for managers in that they are asked to continue to do their job, and additionally campaign on behalf of the company. We take the stress off your managers by handling the direct employee campaigning for them. Our message is intended to amplify that of management as we directly engage employees on a variety of relevant issues in great detail. We help them debunk the rumors and myths that unions often spread. Our consultants speak to employees in a professional and upbeat manner, which enables us to establish trust quickly – and ultimately win elections. With the recently passed ambush election rules by the NLRB, employers have just three weeks from the date the petition is filed to the Election Day. Our model for organizing drives is a true 24/7, hands-on approach. We believe in having people on the ground around the clock if needed in order to win. We don’t send videos and pamphlets, and we don’t send subcontractors. Instead, you will see our shareholders and lead consultants on the ground every day. In this way, we are able to quickly earn the trust of many election unit employees. Our approach is results-driven, and we know how to win! Moreover, we do it in a professional, and more importantly, LAWFUL manner.

Representation Before the NLRB

Representation Before the NLRB

One of our shareholders is a licensed Labor Law attorney, with a decade of experience practicing before the National Labor Relations Board. We are truly a one-stop-shop when it comes to union avoidance in that we have the capacity to handle work before the NLRB in addition to our consulting practice. We routinely take on representation case matters, unfair labor practice charges and all other related litigation before the Board.

NLRA Training

ALG provides employees and supervisors with educational training about the National Labor Relations Act in a classroom setting. Act training gives employees an understanding of their rights during a union campaign. It also gives employees an understanding of what their employer’s rights are, as well as what the union’s rights are. Our professionals deliver Act training in an educational and non-confrontational manner. Employees are always surprised to learn what unions, as self-interest organizations, are allowed to do by law. We discuss topics such as union security clauses, mandated strikes and the truth about collective bargaining. We have been told countless times that this eye opening training has changed people’s perception of unions dramatically and promptly.

We welcome projects of all sizes and degree of difficulty, and hope that you will consider American Labor Group, LLC when addressing your next labor matter.